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Queer Performer Cabaret/Burlesque boylesque artist/performer. Passionate about dance, artistic expression and fighting gender stereotypes, my goal is to offer unique and exciting performances that captivate audiences and highlight the beauty of diversity and individuality.

My cabaret/boylesque performances aim to challenge gender norms and address personal and social issues including masculinity, femininity, virility and sensuality. Each performance is an opportunity to spark dialogue, reflection and the redefinition of gender roles in our society, promoting inclusion and equity.

Through dance and performance, my goal is to inspire audiences and open a space for the celebration of diversity.“

“ As a Queer Performer specializing in Cabaret/Burlesque boylesque artistry, I am deeply passionate about dance, artistic expression, and challenging gender stereotypes. My mission is to deliver captivating performances that showcase the beauty of diversity and individuality.

Through my cabaret/boylesque acts, I strive to confront gender norms and address personal and societal issues surrounding masculinity, femininity, virility, and sensuality. Each performance serves as a platform for sparking dialogue, encouraging reflection, and redefining traditional gender roles, all in the spirit of promoting inclusion and equality.

By utilizing dance and performance as tools for inspiration, my ultimate aim is to foster a sense of celebration and appreciation for diversity among audiences.“

© photo by Juan Hands

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