Duo Little Finch

London / UK

Aerial Net and Husband Duo

Little Finch are back! After having such a great time at the world premiere of the Berlin Boylesque Festival in 2019 the British boys have returned to bring you some more circus couture!

Performing at places such as the Friedrichstadt Palast and for companies such as Dolce & Gabbana Little Finch have become stalwarts on the London Cabaret and Variety scene. For their brand new aerial anchor act they have drawn reference from their own wedding and combined it with lots of different elements of LGBTQIA+ culture such as the leather/ fetish scene, Tom of Finland, gender bending and androgyny. Playing with the idea of Victorian costume and fetishism the act merges this chaste, reserved Victorian ideal and juxtaposes it with the heightened sexuality that is often portrayed through queer subcultures.

With there usual blend of high level aerial artistry and high fashion, Little Finch are sure to leave you on the edge of your seats once more!

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