Oskar Mauricio

Berlin / D

Aerial performer & movement researcher



Oskar was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1988

​His artistic interest began in 2007, when he was introduced to street art, Contemporary african dance and fire manipulation, through a group of young performers in the neighborhood where he was living at that time in Ciudad Bolivar, Bogota.

During his time at Circo Ciudad, Oskar was inspired by his peers and creative environment, enabling him to develop as a performer and tune his personal training skills. Soon after, Oskar was accepted in the two year course at the National Circus School, Circo Para Todos in Cali Colombia. While studying there, Oskar concentrated on solo aerial acts as well as the original creation of the Aerial Bicycle, which he created and performed with his previous partner, Andrea Rios. With this creation they performed on cruise ships throughout Europe and Australia.

© photo by Jan Siebert

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