Theodora Rex

Helsinki / Finnland

Draglesque performer

Jaana Pirskanen is an artist born in the Savo region and based in Helsinki, Finland. They are passionately fascinated with gender and sexuality, and they explore different gendered ways to exist. They urge to celebrate that what is becoming, those personal and cultural gendered ways of existing that are yet to be developed or which are already here when they are given space to flourish. They do this via performance art, burlesque, drag and video pieces. Laughter, flirt, tease, sublime grotesque beauty and surrealism are present in many of their works, but they also handle themes like mourning, aging and failing. In addition to solo projects they do collaborative art. A lot of their work is about ethics of listening, asking ‘who are you’, about how we are formed within social life and by inhuman forces, at what cost, and how risking oneself in unknowingness in relation to others stands our chance of becoming human and transforming.. Photo © Jukka-Alasaari-Photography

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