Kitten N‘ Lou

The World's Show-Busiest Couple!

"Polished, clever, and glamorous..." Dita Von Teese

What happens when a diminutive drag king and a bodacious burlesque queen fall in love? Showbiz magic is born! Kitten and Lou combine their unique and extensive burlesque, theater, and dance performance backgrounds to create a showbiz tour-de-force that celebrates and subverts everything from sexed-up classic burlesque, to glossy MGM-era musicals, to raunchy jukebox drag, to homo-fabulous twin club kids, to Fosse jazz-ma-tazz, to old vaudeville tap dance….and the many faces in between. With a combo of duet and solo acts that are equally comfortable in a sweaty dance club or a fancy opera house, their body of work is incredibly diverse, but always polished to perfection.

How Kitten N’ Lou came to be:  One summer, Kitten LaRue invited Lou Henry Hoover to be a guest star with her internationally celebrated burlesque troupe The Atomic Bombshells for a run in Provincetown, MA.  Kitten quickly crowned Lou the first official Atomic Boy-shell.  Since then, the couple has performed extensively both with the troupe and as a tour-ready duet.  Their favorite adventures in travel have ranged from performing at underground bounce clubs with Nicky Da B and the New Orleans Carnival Kings, sharing a stage with NYC nightlife legends such as Susanne Bartsch and Amanda Lepore, and jet-setting all over the country for Burlesque Festivals such as The Burlesque Hall of Fame in Vegas and the celebrated New York Burlesque Festival.  Kitten N’ Lou are known as taste-makers in their set, and were among the Seattle Metropolitan Magazine’s BEST DRESSED of 2013.  In July 2013 Kitten N’ Lou tied the knot (after being chosen as Seattle Stranger cover girls for marriage equality) and their wedding was featured in the UK Daily Mail, quickly going internationally viral.  In addition to producing events and performances as individuals and as couple, Kitten and Lou collaborate extensively with Seattle’s Premier Fancy Lady, BenDeLaCreme as DeLouRue Presents, a production company that combines burlesque, cabaret, dance, drag, and musical performance, to create displays of glittering grandeur that have been called ““F*CKING GREAT….F*CKING HILARIOUS!“ by Dan Savage of The Stranger.   

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